The Farm

Kern Simulated Shoot is based near the village of Alverstone on the Isle of Wight and boasts spectacular views that stretch to the sea. The estate and land could almost have been moulded for shooting, which is exactly what the Kern Shooting Syndicate uses it for during the season. Superbly contoured with small hills and valleys, it lends itself perfectly to simulated shooting, allowing the professional presentation of fast sporting clays.


It is as close as you’ll ever get to a day’s driven shooting, at a fraction of the cost despite shooting many more cartridges. There are good passenger and car ferry links to the Isle of Wight and overnight accommodation at excellent hotels including The George in Yarmouth, The Priory Bay in Seaview and The Royal in Ventnor. The farm is owned by James Thorp who is passionate about shooting and has developed the simulated drives to his own exacting specifications.
kern shooting 1